Apps for daily morning exercises: fast and fun


Seven, BeStronger Morning Exercises – these mobile applications will help turn the morning exercise into a useful and enjoyable daily activity. We will tell you what and when to use it. Morning exercise in the morning can be pleasant and modern with applications for morning fitness. This is the famous Seven, and BeStronger Morning Exercises, which children love so much. The personal mobile trainer will not only set the pace but will also take into account your achievements.

We already wrote about the best applications for fans of running and training, turning a smartphone into an analog of a fitness tracker. However, not all of us are active athletes – someone has time only for a short morning exercise. We have collected another list of applications that will help recharge your batteries in the morning.

For the lazy: Wakeout

Platform: iOS


A jam application that allows you to exercise without getting out of bed. Great choice, if you wake up in the morning, basically do not like sports or just an “owl”. “Better than coffee,” – say the developers.

  • The application contains more than 200 different exercises that can be performed literally without getting out of a warm bed. As sports equipment, the authors seriously suggest using a pillow and a blanket.
  • One morning workout includes only three exercises, which the application selects randomly. For each exercise, a picture showing the movement is displayed and the time allotted for execution is counted.
  • Unfortunately, Wakeout is only available for the iOS platform. Analogs for Android, various “charging for lazy”, are “deceptions”. However, what is the idea!

For the energetic: Seven

Platform: iOS, Android

The famous “charging-7”, developed by the American College of Sports Medicine and popularized by The New York Times. The bottom line is this: the scientists found that 7 minutes of intense work per day is equivalent to one long training session in the hall. If you are in the morning cheerfully jumping off the bed in full combat readiness, this is the application for you.

  • The application offers a one-day complex of twelve active exercises, for which you will need 7 minutes of free time, your body, chair and wall. And very, very much energy. The essence of all charging is the intensity of the load.
  • The application demonstrates animated clips of the performed movements with voice acting, counts the time of performance and rest. You can configure notifications about the need to do charging.
  • For daily lessons, training programs of different duration are offered, in particular, a mass marathon “7 months for 7 minutes”. The basic training program is free, but you can buy additional (for press, cardio and others).
  • The application has a system of awards and rewards, as well as the ability to monitor the success of other users to motivate themselves.

For the youngest: BeStronger Morning Exercises

Platform: iOS, Android

be stronger

The application “Morning exercise for children” is a simple visual trainer for the whole family. If you want to teach your child to do exercises, you can install the application, turn on the music and engage in it together. The best motivation is a personal example!

  • There is nothing superfluous in the application (except for popping up at the end of the advertisement): only a cute flash movie depicting the performance of exercises.
  • The application does not count seconds for execution but suggests repeating for itself. Executed exercises are marked with asterisks, like the stages in the game.
  • Minus applications – no pauses between exercises, which can be a bit tedious. Plus – a short time to complete the entire complex: only 5 minutes.

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