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When choosing a smartphone, many of us are guided primarily by its cost. Not everyone has the opportunity to buy expensive branded devices, and overpay for the brand does not always make sense. So, the condition: to buy a new smartphone there are 200 dollars. And that’s all. What to do? Read our rating! In it – all the best inexpensive value of up to 200 dollars, any of which will allow you to not only meet the required amount but also save money.

LG X View K500DS

LG x


The main feature of the relatively budget smartphone in question can be considered a small auxiliary screen, the idea of which LG engineers rolled on the flagship model V10. Such a solution is interesting because this crumb uses a relatively small current, so it can always be on and display various useful information.

In addition, the additional display is able to serve as a platform for virtual control buttons, and when activated mainly – to perform the functions of the upper interface panel with signal levels, charge and other icons, thereby increasing the useful space of the second one.

Another feature of the device is the way it is unlocked. If by default for these purposes a convenient and already familiar double tap is used, then with the included protection against unauthorized access you will need a configurable combination of tapping. Maybe even in different areas of the screen.

There is no need to expect special performance from the budget employee, but there are no problems with surfing or surfing the video. Games on the average quality settings will also go to cheers.

The main advantages:

  • Convenient and useful additional display.
  • Quite good cameras for this price category.


  • A combined memory card slot and a second SIM card.
  • Does not work on all current LTE frequencies.
  • Low battery.

Samsung Galaxy J1


Last year’s debut of the new budget line J1 turned out to be very ambiguous and, in order to preserve the interest of buyers, Samsung had to hastily improve the technical characteristics by changing the stuffing of the device. We must admit that the findings of the specialists of the South Korean giant have made the right ones and this year they have already submitted a fully updated version of the smartphone Galaxy J1, radically different for the better.

What is it worth only using the AMOLED screen instead of TFT, doubled the number of cores for the processor, increased memory, increased battery capacity and other “trivia”, including a more recent operating system.

The main advantages:

  • Separate SIM and micro SD cards.
  • Support for all current 4G bands.
  • Bright screen.


  • There is no light sensor to adjust the brightness, only manually.
  • There is no backlight on the buttons.

Xiaomi Redmi 4X 32GB


Candidate No. 1 for the purchase of an inexpensive compact smartphone is, of course, the budget line Xiaomi. There is no doubt that the products of the Chinese brand do not have any distinct technical support, it does not have a special elegance of design or problem-free system software, but in the aggregate of most indicators, it uniquely leads in its class.

Of all the diversity of the fourth generation of Redmi, for the savvy users, the most interesting is the 4X model, and not in the most minimal version. In fact, there are really two significant reasons for not buying Xiaomi: the lack of an NFC module and the manufacturer’s reluctance to provide support for the B20 range by the Redmi family.

If contactless payments and high-speed Internet access are not of interest to you (in fact, 4G is not available only for very specific coincidences) – we advise you to go into the communication salon and twist our nominee in your hands. Performance at it decent, autonomy high, in the conditions of normal illumination it removes not bad.

The main advantages:

  • Excellent price/performance ratio.
  • Long battery life in standalone mode.
  • Relatively good chamber part.


  • Does not support NFC technology.
  • Single-band Wi-Fi module.
  • A hybrid slot for the second SIM card and a memory card.

Huawei Honor 6A


The next contender for the title of the best inexpensive smartphone (and your liking) is generic but has one significant drawback due to the marketing policy of the company. For some reason, Huawei officially delivers to Russia only a minor version of the smartphone (with a 2/16 configuration).

According to current concepts, this is not enough for comfortable operation, although the amount of internal memory can be increased due to the second SIM-card. The remaining “against” for Honor 6A are similar to those for budget smartphones Xiaomi: there is no corresponding module for contactless payments, Wi-Fi only works on 2.4 GHz, LTE-band B20 is not supported. Well, the battery capacity of Huawei is less than a quarter.

On the other hand, in the previous generation of the line, it was generally a miserable 2200 mAh, so progress is evident. The hardware platform of performance records does not demonstrate – just a good middle class. The same can be said about the chamber part. In conditions of sufficient illumination, the images are very decent, but with a lack of light, noise appears.

The main advantages:

  • Nice design.
  • Good pictures during the day.
  • Relatively large maximum screen brightness.


  • Very modest amount of installed memory.
  • There is no NFC module.
  • Does not support Band 20.
  • Single-band Wi-Fi module.
  • There is no separate slot for the memory card.

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